Advanced Multifilament and Monofilament PP Filter Press Cloth Easy Cake Discharging and High Filtrate Efficiency

Advanced Multifilament and Monofilament PP Filter Press Cloth Easy Cake Discharging and High Filtrate Efficiency

1.Designed for advanced needs.
2.Wearable material.
3.Calendering process ensures easy filter cake discharge.
4.Best filtering performance.
5.Longer serving time.
6.Best strength.
7.Better corrosion resistance.

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Product Details

For some higher advanced filter cloth, we will recommend monofilament filter cloth and multifilament filter cloth. And normal material is pp filter cloth and terylene filter cloth.

Features of monofilament filter cloth:

Re monofilament filter cloth, the warp & weft set all use monofilament, so it has following features:

1. Better strength.

2. Not easy to block.

3. The surface has be specially processed so has better temperature stability.

4. Has been processed by calendering, so the filter cake is more easier to be discharged.

And if the material is PP filter press cloth, then it also has advantages of pp.

Features of multifilament filter press cloth:

The multifilament filter cloth, their warp & weft set all use multifilament. Besides it has the features of monofilament, it’s filtering precision will be higher.


According to filter plate types, the filter cloth types will also divided into: chamber filter cloth, membrane filter cloth, plate & frame type filter cloth. Additionally, the filter cloth will be difference according various materials, customer requirements. For example, some customer want to fix the filter cloth by velcro, some wants traditional ties, and some others prefer pp tie belt.

Specifications of monofilament and multifilament filter press cloth:


Applications of monofilament and multifilament filter press cloth:

1. Chemicals: zinc oxide, cobalt oxide, aluminium oxide etc.

2. Fertilizer: phosphatic fertilizer, compound fertilizer etc.

3. Cement.

4. Metallurgy.

5. Mining: various concentrate and tailing.

6. More other industries.

7. Such as, filter cloth for filter press, vacuum belt filter press, vacuum disk filter, centrifuge machine, bag filter etc...

More info on filter press cloth pls contact us.

If you are looking for the advanced multifilament and monofilament pp filter press cloth easy cake discharging and high filtrate efficiency, welcome to buy the quality equipment from our professional manufacturers in China. The customized service with competitive price is also available in our factory.

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