Polyester Filter Cloth

Polyester Filter Cloth

1.Higher strength.
2.Good resilience.
3.It can endure strong acid.
4.Suitable for week alikali.
5.Can endure about 120 ℃.

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For the filter press machine, the polyester filter cloth is one kind of the most popular filtering medium, and it’s made of the polyester fiber. The polyester filter cloth has many advantages:
1.Higher strength. It’s about 4 times than chinlon filter cloth.
2.Good resilience. This filter cloth elasticity might similar as wool.
3.Heat resistance. PET filter cloth can endure about 120 ℃.
4.Good wear-resisting.
5.Good corrosion resistance. It can endure strong acid.

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Polyester filter fabric inclide two types: long fiber filter cloth and short fiber filter cloth and they have different filtering performances. For the polyester short fiber filter cloth, it has better solid trapping performance, but stripping performance and ventilating performance is not good. For the polyester long fiber filter cloth, the surface is smooth. Compare with the short fiber filter cloth, it has some advantages: better wear performance, higher structure strength, better ventilating performance and it’s easily to clean. Generally, we will recommend the suitable filter fabrics according to actual materials and can customize on base of your filter press plates


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Polyester filter cloth is widely used for chemicals, metallurgy, wastewater treatment etc... If you want to buy the filter press cloth or want to know filter press fabric price, pls contact us.

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