China Professional Recessed Membrane Chamber PP Filter Press Plate

China Professional Recessed Membrane Chamber PP Filter Press Plate

1.Adopt pure RFPP (Reinforced PP) material.
2.Light weight.
3.Corrosion resistant.
4.Higher feeding pressure.
5.Cost saving.
6.Widely used for various industries.

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Product Details

SINO FILTRATE offers best quality filter plate for various filter press. Filter press plate is the the key product of plate filter. It used to support the filter clothes.

According to material, filter plate include several types: PP filter plate, cast iron filter plate, stainless steel filter plate, cast aluminium filter plate, rubber filter plate etc. PP filter plate is the most popular.

PP Filter Plate (2).jpg

According to the plate type, our PP filter plate include: plate frame type filter plate, chamber filter plate (recessed filter plate), membrane filter plate, and special filter plate (round filter plate, cotton cake filter plate, CGR filter plate etc.). Chamber filter plate is most popular. Chamber filter plate also called recessed chamber filter plate.

6.Plate frame filter plate.jpg

According to temperature endured, the filter press plate was divided into normal temperature filter press plate and high temperature filter press plate.

7.PP Chamber Filter plate.jpg

According degree of automation, pp filter press plate will divided into, manual pp filter press plate, automatic filter plate. Their main difference are on the handles.

4.CGR Gasketed filter plate.jpg

In fact, here are many classification for filter plate. However, it’s recommended according to customer’s material. Take an example, if your material is stone cutting wastewater, it will be very easy to deal with, so normal chamber filter press will be enough to use, thus no need to invest much more money for other advanced filter plate.

More info on filter plate pls contact us.

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Our filter press plate plant can offer the main series of China domestic standard filter press plate. Specially, if your quantity of the plate is huge, we can customize for you.

Pls contact us for more info on filter press plate.

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Features of PP filter plate:

1.We has all plate types : chamber filter plate, membrane plate, plate & frame type filter plate etc...

2.Complete models for choices: 320*320,450*450,630*630,800*800,870*870,1000*1000,1250*1250,1500*1500,2000*2000 etc...

3.Best design ensure good filtering and discharging performance.

4.Can be customized according to feed pressure, temperature.

5.Can serve long time.

6.Flatness of plate is processed by CNC machine in order to avoid leakage.

11.Stainless steel filter press plate 2.jpg

Applications of pp filter plate:

Chemicals, food, mining, wastewater, metallurgy, pharmacy etc...

If you are looking for the china professional recessed membrane chamber pp filter press plate, welcome to buy the quality equipment from our professional manufacturers in China. The customized service with competitive price is also available in our factory.

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