Hydraulic Once Open Filter Press

Hydraulic Once Open Filter Press

1.High efficiency. All cakes can be discharged at one time.
2.All plates are connected by chains so that realize automatic discharging.
3.Hydraulic driven closing.
4.Chamber filter plate type works stable and serves longer.
5.PP filter plates has wide usage.
6.If work with plate shaking device, it can highly improve the working efficiency.

Product Details

The once open filter press is a type of chamber filter presses. This machine is famous, because it can discharge all filter cakes at one time. The filter plates is connected by chains with the same distance. While discharging cakes, the head plate withdraw back and pull the filter plates to open one by one.  This greatly improve the working efficiency. However, the system has high requirements for the  longer stroke of the oil cylinder. The more filter plates, the longer the hydraulic cylinder stroke should be. If too long of the cylinder, it will highly increase the cost and will not convenient for transportation. So normally it's auitable for small filtering area and the plates quantity no more than 20 pcs.  Only recommend to customers when there has less matrial to be filtered and requires automation. 

For this high efficiency filter press, it popularly works with plate shaking device. After filtering process finished, the plates will be opened to right position. Then the revolving shaft will lift the plates. At the highest position, the plates will droped down onto beam, thus the plates are shaked. With plate shaking, the residual cakes on the filter clothes will drop off much completely.  






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