Acetylene Sludge Wastewater Filter Press

- Oct 08, 2017-

The acetylene is the basic raw material to produce acetylene. Generally, for 1 ton calcium carbide, can produce 300kg acetylene gas and 10 ton industrial wastewater. Acetylene sludge has big pollution, and normally use filter presses to recycle the water and realize dry stack.

Filter press for carbide sludge.JPG

For the acetylene industry, the wastewater is carbide slag slurry, and it’s the grayish brown muddy liquid. After precipitating, it will be divided into three parts: the clean liquid, the deposited solid and the intermediate colloidal. After remove the ferro-silicon, then it will be pumped into the automatic chamber filter press to separate solid and liquid by filter press slurry pump. The filtrate will be done the further treatment. And the filter cake will be transported to the storage yard.

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