Plate frame filter press for Alkali Manufacturer

- Oct 07, 2017-

The alkali manufacturer normally uses food saline, ammonia and carbon dioxide as the raw materials to make alkali. There are several producing methods, but the most representative methods are ammonia-soda method and the unit making alkaline method (Hou's proces). For the both methods, all need the plate frame filter press to treat the intermediate products.

China Plate Frame Filter Press.jpg

The ammonia-soda method is also named Solvay process, the reactions step mainly include: NH3+CO2+H2O===NH4HCO3; NH4HCO3+NaCl===NaHCO3+NH4Cl; 2NaHCO3===Na2CO3+CO2 +H2O. For the Hou's proces, on base of Solvay making alkali method, it adds the food saline and then get the ammonia gas and the carbon dioxide in the liquid. After it reach saturation, then cool it to lower than 10 degree centigrade, then the ammonium chloride will be crystallized, and the liquid will be as the raw material of Solvay making alkali method. The chemical reaction mainly include: NH3+CO2+H20+NaCl=NH4Cl+NaHCO3↓  and 2NaHCO3=Na2CO3+CO2↑+H2O. For the both method, the process will produce lots of saline mud, which has big pollution, so it must be treated and dewatered by plate filter press.

Because the filter press machine has good filtering effect and the stable filtering performance, so it the popular equipment for making alkali industry. In you want save cost, pls contact us, professional filter press manufacturer in China, so that get the best price. At same time, our professional team will support you technically.  


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