Aluminium Ash Wastewater Filter Press

- May 26, 2020-

In the process of aluminum production and electrolytic aluminium, a large amount of aluminum ash, dust and waste gas will be produced. The main components of aluminum ash are aluminum, aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride and so on. In the process of production and disposal, it will produce ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, cyanide and other high-risk chemicals. If the untreated aluminum ash is cooled naturally, the useful components will not be effectively utilized, and will cause serious dust & water pollution. Therefore, aluminum ash is very necessary to be treated.  

It is important to find a proper method to treat aluminum ash sewage, so as to achieve a unification of social benefits, environmental benefits and commercial benefits. Many years ago, aluminum ash has been listed in the Chinese national waste list. To avoid environmental pollution and realize the recycling of aluminum ash, now such wastewater treatment is a serious subject. Recently, with the help of plate frame filter press, the problem can be perfectly solved and has widely used in aluminum factories. 

Through the recovery and separation of aluminum ash wastewater, the recovery rate of aluminum is improved, the purchase cost of aluminum raw materials is reduced. And it reduces and recycles aluminum wastes. Finally  promote environmental improvement of manufacturers and the society. 

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