Analysis of common troubles and solutions of filter Press

- Apr 25, 2017-

1. Filter Plate Damage

The following factors should be analysed: if the number of damaged filter plates is more, the filter plate of the box filter press is damaged as a common fault.

① The manufacture quality of the filter plate;

② The selection of the filtration plate and the matching of the head of the feeding pump, should also consider the diaphragm plate filter oil volume and the internal steel lining processing quality.

③ Diaphragm pressing mode.

When the two sides of the filter plate are in different stages, the pressure on both sides of the filter plate is balanced. Under normal conditions, the pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter plate, thereby damaging the filter plate. That is, the side is filtered, the other side is the liquid force extrusion, its reason: the filter plate on both sides of the residue of mud;

① Unloading process, the feeding pump half-time parking longer.

② Filter press began to filter. The filter cake in the semi-flowing state of the chamber appears to sink at different levels;

③ The feeding holes of the filter plate.

2. Filter plate Material

The spraying phenomenon occurs between the filter plates, and the automatic vacuum oil filter is in the filtration operation. The reason: The filter cloth appears folding;

① The pressing face of the filter plate border.

② Filter cloth breakage;

Lateral beams at different levels in both sides (horizontal direction)

④ The thrust plate is not pressed or the hydraulic cylinder tight pressure is small.

When unloading, clean the residual filter cake on the pressing surface of the filter plate (especially the lower part) or rinse the filter board promptly, the solution is: to ensure the cleaning of the filter plate pressing surface; bundle cloth to ensure its smoothness.

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