Application of plate and frame filter press in fine concentrate industry

- Apr 25, 2017-

With the progress of science and technology in our country, the plate-frame filter press has not only improved the performance, but also has a great expansion in the scope of use. Traditional Plate-box filter presses are often used in sewage treatment, water purification and other industries, but with the improvement of performance, pressure, plate-box filter in the coal industry is widely used, its filtration effect, filtration after water content, automation level. The quality and transportation of coal mines are directly affected.

Moisture is a major indicator of the quality of concentrate products, the high water content concentrate not only brings difficulties to the transportation and storage of concentrate, but also affects the smelting of concentrate. Invisible to smelting bring some additional costs. Filtration is an important part of the dehydration of concentrate, and it realizes solid-liquid separation by filtration media in vacuum negative pressure. The filtration efficiency is influenced by the granularity and viscosity of the filtered concentrate, the finer the granularity of the concentrate, the more difficult the filtration of moisture, because the finer ore granularity, the more capillary moisture, and capillary water must rely on external forces to remove, the greater the viscosity of concentrate, the greater the required external force, therefore, for fine concentrate, the general vacuum filtration equipment provided by the impetus is insufficient (less than 0) . IMPa, and the use of mechanical pressure plate-box filter press to provide a larger impetus, pressure up to 1.4MPa or even higher pressure filter presses, this filter speed, after the effect has a great help.

The characteristics of plate-frame filter Press:

1. The plate-frame filter press has strong applicability to the raw materials, and is suitable for the separation of solid-liquid industries.

2. Ultra-high pressure squeeze pressure, far ultra similar equipment,

3. The pressing concentrate period of the plate-box filter press is short.

4. The use of the plate-box filter press the low power consumption: each filtration cycle consumes less than 2KW. Intangible saves energy costs.

5. After filtration, concentrate containing high solid rate, its containing solid rate can reach 50%-80%.

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