Auto Filter Press for Dry Stack

- Aug 04, 2017-

Automatic Filter Press in mine industry has widely application.Tailing is one of the mineral slurry, and it has big quantity and contains some toxic metal elements. Traditionally, the tailing will be discharged directly as “tailing dam”, which will pollute environment or cause big damage. So how to deal with the tailing is a urgent issue.

China Filter Press_1.jpg

With the development of technology, dry stack filter press is a very effective method to solve the problem. Dry stack means the tailing will be processed through concentration and dewatering processes, and finally realize water recycle and the solid is dry enough to transport. As, drilling mud filter press, our dry stack filter press is the most popular dewatering equipment.

At first, the tailing slurry normally will be concentrated, then dewatered to form the dry filter cakes with lowest moisture, finally will be transported away. Using the filter press, it can get the best treatment effect and meet the dry piling requirement.

Generally, for dry stack, it use tailing filter press, because of the big capacity, automatic discharging, labor saving and higher efficiency. More info on filter press data sheet pls contact us.

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