How to use a automatic chamber filter for wet desulphurization

- Sep 02, 2018-

Wet desulphurization is a very traditional technology for avoiding air pollution caused by boiler flue gas. Flue Gas Desulfurization also called FGD process. While FGD treatment, automatic chamber filter press is the best choice for the final dewatering. However, in the long run, some factors might affect the automatic filter press’s filtering efficiency. 

The reasons mainly include following points to lower the chamber filter press result. First, there are lots of foam in the tower and they will paste on the demister. Second, long time does not replace the air bag of dust remover, thus cause much more fine dust mix with the liquid in the tower. Third, after gypsum hydrocyclone station, the big solid will be processed by automatic filter press, however, fine solids will back to the tower. Thus, in the long time inner recycle, the fine solids will be more and more, and cause the wastewater more and more viscous, thus decrease the liquid quality. Then will not good for the chamber filter press.    

There are several methods to judge the wastewater quality, so that get best sludge dewatering performance via automatic chamber filter press. First, Look. Put the wastewater into a cup, if it can deposit within 15 min, that means the wastewater quality is good. Otherwise, if over 1 hour to deposit, that means the quality is very bad. Second, touch. Put the wastewater in hand, if feel no viscosity, it means the quality is good. Otherwise is bad. Generally, the wastewater quality is better, the performance of automatic filter press will be better. 

How to improve the wastewater quality, so that ensure chamber filter press sludge dewatering effect? Here we suggest establish temporary pipeline to replace the liquid with new clean water. Notice, for this process should slowly proceed, and can not to replace all within a short time, say, 1 day. That might cause much higher pressure for the settling pond. Further, might cause secondary pollution. If you want to buy Chinese automatic filter press or chamber filter press, pls contact us. 

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