Automatic Chamber Filter Press For Chlorine-Alkali Industry

- Oct 03, 2017-

For the chlorine-alkali industry, it uses raw salt to make NaOH, Cl2 and H2 by the some chemical reactions, then it uses them as the raw material to produce some chemical productions, such as: sodium carbonate. The chlorine-alkali industry is the one of the basic chemical industries, and the filter press machine is the popular filtering equipment for it.

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For the chlorine-alkali industry, it includes saline dissolving, saline water making, saline water clarification, saline mud filtering, saline water re-saturation, refine saline filtering etc. For the saline mud filtering and the refine saline filtering, the automatic chamber filter press is the best treating equipment.

Generally, for the saline mud filtering, the chamber filter press can meet requirement. But for the refine saline filtering, we normally recommend membrane filter press. Because: on the one hand, this treatment has smaller solid and has higher requirement, on the other hand, the membrane filter press has lower filter cakes moisture and better filtering performance. So it’s the best choose for it. If want know info from filter press manufacturer pls contact us.


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