Automatic Chamber Filter Press Maintenance on I/O Pipe

- Dec 03, 2017-

For a automatic chamber filter press, once the inlet and outlet was blocked, then how to maintain? While filter press operation, every parts need frequent maintenance, even the inlet and outlet, which looks very unconspicuous. But once here has problem, it also can cause serious problem to a pp filter press. To ensure filter press working and filtrate discharging smoothly, we normally check according to following steps:

First, filter press cloth and filter plates. We should frequently check the filter cloth and filter press plate whether are tidiness and in good condition. If the filter cloth can not match filter press plate perfectly, it might damage the pp filter press plate and even can not ensure the filtering chamber sealing performance. And ensure there was no solid deposition on filter plates and filter clothes.

Additionally, the operator must pay attention on the pipes, so that ensure no blocks. If the filtering chamber was blocked, that will cause some chambers are full of cakes, however, some are empty. With the filter press pump working, then the bias pressure will damage the filter plates. If need more filter press technical support, pls contact us. 

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