Automatic chamber filter press for gravel wastewater treatment

- Aug 13, 2018-

Buildings are everywhere in our modern society. Sand is the key material as the concrete for buildings. However, the sand is not only comes from river, many are comes from gravel. While producing sand, the gravel wastewater will be dewatered by automatic chamber filter press. What is gravel wastewater? Normally we use big stones as raw material, then it will be crushed to small ones. In this process, it will cause lots of stone dust. To lower the air pollution, then the manufacturer are required to wash the sand to remove the dust. So the gravel wastewater comes.

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The gravel waste water will pollute the water system, so it must be treated before it can be reused or discharged. Normally is use our automatic chamber filter press to dewater and realize dry stack. The following are the treatment process of gravel waste water, and our chamber filter press plays a vital role in this process.

The whole process include: 1. Pretreatment. Due to the high solid content of the gravel waste water (high turbidity waste water) and the solids are very fine. So it can not directly treated by chamber filter press, and pretreatment plays a very important role. 2. Flocculation. The treated waste water is pumped into the sedimentation tank, where flocculants are added and mixed evenly with the waste water. The the free water will be discharged, the left thick slurry will be pumped into automatic filter press. 3. Dewatering by chamber filter press. After the waste water flocculated, our automatic filter press will works. Finally, the dewatered filter cakes are transported for dry stack, and the liquid is reused. If you want a China chamber filter press or China automatic filter press for gravel waste water treatment, pls contact us.

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