Automatic chamber filter press for stone wastewater

- Sep 08, 2017-

Stone is popular in our life. However, while stone processing, it will cause lots of wastewater. To deal with it, plate filter press is a good and cost saving method.

China Stone Cuting Wastewater Filter Press.JPG

The stone producing process is simple, and it mainly includes cutting and polishing, so it mainly includes incising wastewater and the polishing wastewater etc. And the solid mainly is stone powder, which is very fine and many suspended, so it can not directly discharge. If directly pumped into filter press, the solid will go trogh the filter press clothes. Thus, how to treat it?

For the treatment, first, it will be flocculated by the chemicals in the adjusting tank. Then the solid will be bigger. After precipitation, it will go into the sludge tank to filter by the chamber filter press. If you want to know filter press price, pls contact us.

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