Factors that Influence the Productivity of Automatic Diaphragm Filter Press

- Oct 23, 2019-

There are many factors affects a press filter's productivity. Some are direct factors, such as, filtering volume, flexible functions etc... But some are indirect, for example, solid natures, operator's proficiency and so on. As we know, automatic diaphragm filter press mainly for the complicated materials, especially for biologic sludge, digested sludge, fine chemicals etc..., thus those factors shows much more important for it’s dewatering efficiency and productivity. 

The filtering volume is an important parameter. It closely related to its productivity. The larger filter chamber, the bigger sludge treatment capacity, the higher the productivity. Beside that, flexible functions also affect its productivity. If adopts fast open system, the efficiency will higher, then within same time, it's capacity will bigger. On the contrary, if adopts plate shaking device (shake filter plates one by one), thus the efficiency will be much lower.  Similarly, the cloth washing device, squeezing medium all will have influence on it.  

At the same time, the sludge nature also have a relationship. Because the particles viscosity is inversely proportional to efficiency. The sludge with higher inorganic content, such as: drilling mud sludge, mine sludge, sand wastewater etc., they can quickly be dewatered, so for waste water, the same filter press model, it's productivity is big or even huge. But for sludge with high content of organic matters and high viscosity, such as, municipal sewage sludge, dyeing sludge etc.., their dehydration time is relatively much longer, thus the capacity is much smaller. In addition, for different press filter manufacturers, their industrial design will also affect. The better the comprehensive performance is, the higher the productivity will be. 

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