Control system development of automatic filter press

- Nov 26, 2017-

For the origin of a filter press machine, at first, it’s used in Europe (Germany and UK) for coals, chemicals and medicines and till now has over a hundred years. Now it’s application has expanded to much more industries: ceramics, sugar, foods, pigment, waste sludge dewatering etc... At the same time, the filter press control system is developing very fast.

Automatic Filter Press.JPG

In the past, filter press control system is only by traditional relays, which has complicated wires, more troubles, higher maintenance cost. To ensure filter press works stably, the customer will invest lots of money. However, now automation control system is more and more popular and mature, enven the automatic filter press, it also can work smoothly, and can realize remote control, and one filter press operator can supervise several hydraulic filter presses. Why? The key point is the program control system, PLC, which can smartly and easily control every action of a plate frame filter press.

Now SINO filter press’s PLC is come from SIEMENS. It has stable performance and is very economic. SIEMENS PLC has features of quick operation and powerful function. With the PLC, filter press functions are also more easily to be finished. Pls email us to know more info on China filter press factory.


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