Automatic filter press for green mines

- Jun 13, 2019-

Building a green mine, the first is the design for green environment. It can increase the recovery rate, reduce the loss and dilution, thus the problem of environmental pollution, which is caused by ore crushing, can be solved fundamentally. Additionally, it can reduce the transport distance, reduce the resource consumption. It not only achieve environmental protection and energy saving, but also is safe and reliable. 

One if the method is to save equipment's energy and lower their consumption. How? It can be realized by mechanization, automation and intellectualization. For example, usage of flotation machine, automatic filter press, high-efficiency thickener etc, greatly improve the equipment level for mineral processing. Those machines, not only improved the stability of production system, but also, to the maximum extent, recycle the valuable element and industrial water. Even can realize zero discharge of waste water. Finally it can effectually avoid and control the pollution and harm to environment and ecology caused by waste discharging. 

To built a green mine, beside ecological environment protection, it's also necessary to control geological disasters. So that can achieve a win-win situation between resource development and environmental protection.

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