Automatic filter presss machine for sludge dewatering

- Sep 06, 2017-

The filter press is the popular sludge dewatering equipment, and it has good dewatering effect. Generally, the sludge mainly content municipal sludge and industrial sludge.

For the municipal sludge, the solid content usually is very low. Generally, it has a lot of organics to 30%-60%, and it also has lots of pathogenic bacteria and parasite, so the municipal sludge has strong odour. On the other hand, some sludge treatment plant will mix industrial wastewater with different levels. For the treatment by the normal filter press machine, the filter cakes moisture is about 60%. But for the SINO filter press, the filter cakes moisture content can reach around 50%.

For the industrial sludge, the capacity is big, and it usually contains a lot of heavy metal, which has big pollution. So the treatment is very important. Generally, we recommend the automatic filter press. Because it has big capacity, and it can realize automatic discharging cakes to decrease the manpower. On the other hand, for the some industry, we can add some flexible functions, such as: drip tray, belt conveyor, fast open system and filter cloth washing etc. Pls contact us for more types of filter presses.

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