Automatic Membrane Filter Press for Bauxite Flotation Slurry

- Feb 04, 2018-

For bauxite flotation slurry, filter press is used to dewater red mud. In China, the bauxite mainly is diasporic bauxite, which accounts for about 98.46%, and the rest is hydrargillite. Bayer process is the main treatment method for bauxite. Bayer process is a popular industrial technology to produce aluminium oxide (Al2O3) from bauxite. While this process, membrane filter press is mainly used to dewater the red mud. 

China Red Mud Filter Press.jpg

The bauxite will be grinded to around 300 micrometer, then react with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in reaction kettle under some temperature and pressure. The detail reaction formula is: 

Al2O3 + 2 NaOH + 3 H2O → 2 NaAl(OH)4. 

While reacting, there will produce lots of solid sediment. Because of sediment is red, so it is called "Red Mud (Bauxite Residue)". Because the red mud has huge capacity, normally 1 ton aluminium oxide will generate about 1 to 2 ton red mud, so the membrane filter press will be automatic membrane filter press.  

Comparing with other filtration equipment, membrane filter press machine can dewater the red mud to under 10% moisture. For the bauxite flotation slurry, the filter clothes of membrane filter presses popularly use MONO, and should has higher air permeability, otherwise will block filter press clothes. The membrane filter press cloth use twill is more easier to discharge cakes. If you want to filter red mud, pls contact us to get automatic membrane filter press price.

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