Automatic Membrane Filter Press for Thermal Hydrolysis Process Sludge

- Feb 10, 2018-

Automatic filter press is a popular machine for sludge dewatering in sewage treatment plant. Sludge is vice products while waste water disposal. On one side, the waste sludge contains lots of organics, which can be used as fertilizer or fuel; on the other hand, it contains lots of harmful impurities. So wastewater treatment appears more and more important. Thermal hydrolysis process (THP) is a new technology for wastewater treatment and membrane filter press is the best suitable machine. 

China Membrane Filter Press.jpg

For traditional wastewater treatment technology, the cake moisture after automatic filter press, normally will be around 60%. For THP, the final moisture after membrane filter press can be lower 50%, or even 40%. THP dispose sludge in a sealed vessel under some temperature and pressure, thus separate more moisture out. After THP, it can greatly improve the sludge dewatering performance.  

Why THP is new technology and what's the advantages? Because it can much more thoroughly remove the sludge moisture, even the water in the biological cells by breaking the cell wall. After THP, then use our automatic membrane filter press and the final cake can meet the national standard. The cakes after membrane filter press, it can be further processed for burning. The THP sludge not only can decrease the sludge capacity, but also can improve the filtrate's utilization rate to get more methane.

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