Automatic Mining Filter Press for Red Mud

- Aug 23, 2017-

Red mud is the pollutional waste residue from the aluminium oxide industrial producing, and normally, 1 ton production of aluminum oxide will produce 1-2 tons of red mud. It has big capacity and large pollution, so the treatment is important. Our mining filter press is a good tool for red mud dry stack. For the red mud treatment, it mainly separates solids and the sodium aluminate liquid of the red mud.

China Automatic filter press for Red Mud.jpg

Treating processes of the filter press: 1.Closing filter plates. Filter press plates are closed to form the filter chamber by the closing device. 2.Feeding. The red mud sludge is pumped by the filter press pump into the filter chambers. 3.Filtering. The solids are blocked by the filter press clothes, and the liquid is clear and it’s discharged out of machine. 4.Squeezing. Membrane filter plates are inflated by pumping into the high pressure water or the compressed air, thus filter cakes will be squeezed to remove more liquid. 5.Air blowing. It makes filter cakes drier by compressed air, so the filter cakes have lower moisture, and easier to discharge. 6.Filter cakes discharging. The automatic filter press will open the filter plates, then filter cakes will be discharged.

Our filter press has big capacity, high filtering efficiency and good filtering effect. If you want to know more info pls contactus.

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