Automatic Discharging System of Plate Filter Press

- Jan 28, 2018-

As we know, plate filter press include three types: side-beam plate filter press and top beam filter press and vertical plate filter press. Because the vertical plate filter press is more complicated and expensive, so it’s rare to see in the market. The other two type plate filter presses use open structure in orde to open filter plates easily and convenient to maintain, so it’s widely used in various industries. And now automatic filter press accounts for more bigger market.

China Automatic Filter Press.jpg

In the past, the plate filter press discharge cakes manually, but some time the operator will bear very strong working intensity and serious working environment, besides that the cost will more expensive for labor. Now the customer prefers automatic filter press. Our automatic filter press has several discharging system for different models and deeds. It’s controlled by PLC and can realize remote control, so it’s widely used for coal washing, mining and wastewater treatment. Our plate filter press not only improve the working efficiency but also create more commercial value for the buyer.

Because some special materials, such as, biological sludge, they are very viscous. For them, even the automatic filter press can not discharge completely. So on base of normal automatic filter press design, we develops plate shaking device. When plates are open, the shaking device will shake the plate, and the shaking force will shake the sludge off. If you want automatic plate filter press, pls contact us.

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