Automation System for Automatic Filter Press

- Nov 23, 2017-

With the China filter press technology developing, automation system is more an more widely used and much more advanced. Especially for the industries where has big demand on pp filter presses, such as mining, wastewater treatment etc... So now filter presses are becoming more and more “smart” and even "unattended".

SINO Filter Press.jpg

For the control system of a automatic filter press, the main part is PLC. Normally SINO filter press machine adopts SIMENSE PLC (S7-200) to realize feeding and squeezing, discharging, cloth washing etc... This model has stable performance and it’s very cost saving. With the increasing of functions, more expand module will be added, such as: belt conveyor, trip tray. But recently some customer has higher requirement to consider S7-1200. As a filter press manufacturer, we regard this is waste, because S7-200 is enough to control all functions.

With the automation control, the filter press can improve the working efficiency, short the discharging cycle, decrease the labor cost, so in the long run, it can increase the competitiveness of a company, so it has some actual value. Pls contact us China filter press manufacturer for more filter press operation.


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