Beer Filter Press 1

- Jul 14, 2017-

The beer is the popular alcoholic beverage. Its main raw materials are barley malt, hops and the water. And they are fermented to form the low alcoholic wine with a lot of CO2 by the yeast. the beer productive processes are very complex, and the filter press is a necessary equipment for that.

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The beer productive processes include smashing, saccharification, wort filtering, ferment and the beer filtering. Through the saccharification, the protein will solidify and denaturalize, and it will make the effective constituent of the hops to release. Then the wort will be filtered. And after that, it will be boiled, cooled and fermented. In the end, in order to get the clear beer, it will be filtered under the -1℃. For the wort filtering and the beer filtering, it needs to use the beer filter press.

The wort filtering is after the saccharification, and it must be filtered as soon as possible to remove the solid content (spent grains) and get the clear wort. The wort is the basic of the beer fermenting. The beer filtering is a separation process by the physical. It uses the pressure difference to make the beer go through the filter clothes. then the solid of the beer is trapped, and the liquid discharged is the clear beer. 

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