Beer Filter Press 2

- Jul 15, 2017-

The beer we drunk is clear, but before that, it is not. So it must be filtered after saccharifying and fermentation. The filter press is the necessary filtering equipment, especially gasketed filter press.

S.S. Plate Frame Filter Press (2)_.jpg

For the wort filtering, generally, it adopts the general filter press to remove the spent grains. But for the beer after fermentation, it contains the yeast and the germ etc, so it must be filtered by the fine filter press to ensure it has high best clearness and taste. Generally, it adopts diatomite filtering method and the paperboard filtering method.

The functions of the filter press on beer product:
1.Remove the suspended solids. It can improve the clarification degree and luster.
2.Remove the sediment, such as: polyphenols and the protein etc. And it can improve the colloidal stability of the beer.
3.Remove the yeast and germ etc. It can improve the biological stability of beer.

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