Belt filter press and plate filter press for wastewater treatment

- Dec 09, 2018-

The waste water, after sedimentation treatment, will cause a large amount of sludge. Even after concentration, the water content is still as high as 96% or higher, thus the volume is very huge. Therefore, it must be dehydrated to recycle the water. Generally, sewage treatment plants use mechanical dewatering method. There are many types of sludge dehydrators. Among them,belt filter presses and plate filter presses are the most popular.

The belt filter press relies on the tension force of the filter belts to form a squeezing pressure to realize sludge dewatering. It has stable operation, simple control and continuous operation, but the filter cake has higher moisture. The plate frame filter press adopts the pump feeding pressure to squeeze the liquid out through filter clothes. Thus  it achieve the purpose of dehydration. It is mainly consists of frame, closing system, electric control system and filter clothes. The plate and frame filter press has the best dewatering effect and the most widely used, but might need the large space.

In China, there are many belt filter press manufacturer and filter press manufacturers, so buying both can reduce engineering investment. In general, dewatering equipment should be considered based on sludge characteristics, operating conditions, personnel quality, moisture requirements, cost and other factors, so that make a relatively reasonable choice.

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