How to avoid the blocking of filter press clothes

- Aug 15, 2017-

While filter press working, especially for the viscous material, the filter press clothes might be blocked sometimes. For that, we need to remove the filter clothes remove the filter press plates, and then wash it. That will increase the life-span and increase the filtering efficiency. What is the reason of the blocking and how to avoid it? 

1.Solid size. The solid size is one of the key reasons. Normally if the solid is more smaller, it will be more viscous to block the filter cloth. Take example, dust washing wastewater, for such materials, normally suggest add flocculant.
2.Material features. For some materials, such as: biological wastewater, paper-making wastewater etc., they are very viscous. Here we suggest use better filter clothes, or advanced pretreatment technologies.

3.The filter press choose do not match the material or technical demand. Thus will cause higher cake moisture, that means more residual solids left on the filter clothes to cause block. For this situation, you can improve the filtering process, say, add cake blow etc... 

The above are the reasons and common solutions for filter cloth blocking. If you want to buy china filter press, pls contact us. 

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