What cylinder seal material is best while buying filter press

- Oct 02, 2019-

Buy a filter press, there will not only consider the capacity, but also the details relates the quality, for example cylinder seals. In China, the market mainly has following sealing materials as popular: Nitrile rubber (NBR), silicon rubber (VMQ), fluorine rubber (FKM). All of them has their advantages. 

NBR is widely used, because it has excellent oil resistance. Beside that, it has good features of wear resistance. Thus it is popularly suitable for hydraulic oil, lubricanting oil, silicone oil, flame retardant liquid and hot water. But it's not suitable for polar solvent and brake fluid. So NBR is most popular works as hydraulic cylinder seal. VMQ seal has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, so it has a wide operating temperature range. Additionally, for some special VMQ also can be used for low concentration acid and alkali, and solvent. FKM, as VMQ, it also can stably works under high temperature 250 ℃. Specially, KFM extremely has superior corrosion resistance. Of course, different elements manufacturers different types, and thus will cause various features. 

EPDM rubber: it has many features of aging resistance, heat resistance,  ozone resistance, and can used for many chemicals, such as, alcohol, acid, strong alkali and oxidant etc... But it does not resist some solvent: aliphatic series, aromatic series. Therefore, EPDM is not suitable for general mineral oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic cylinder oil. The above info are for your reference while purchase a filter plate press. 

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