Carbon-Dioxide Arc Welding Of Filter Press

- Oct 25, 2017-

For the filter press, the structure normally is made of carbon iron. And we normally use the carbon-dioxide arc welding to weld the filter press structure. Carbon-dioxide arc welding is a popular welding method, because it no need welding agent, and it uses the carbon dioxide to protect the welding part. It has some features: 1. It’s not easy to produce welding slag. 2. the welding points are even and firm, and not easy to cause oxidization. 

Filter press manufacturing.JPG

To get the best plate frame filter press, we has strict technical requirements for welding. Before welding, we clean the joints to remove the oil contamination, rust and other impurities. On the other hand, we should adjust the welding standard according to the different welding parts and welding position. Generally, the welding standard can use this formula: V=0.04I+16( allowable error ±1.5V). Additionally we require the CO2 gas concentration must be higher than 99.5%, and the moisture is not more than 0.1%.

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