Cause of slow speed of filter plate of press

- Apr 25, 2017-

Filter press has a good separation effect, wide adaptability, especially for the separation of viscous materials, especially unique advantages. Filter plate is an important part of the filter press, in the filter press work often meets the filter plate breakage, the problem of slowing down, the filter plate can affect the normal work of the filter, so the maintenance of the filter plate is very important, the problem of the filter plate slow analysis can also make us better to maintain the normal work of the filter. So what is the reason why the filter plate of the filter press slows down?

First, because of the grease and stains on the guide rod, the resistance and friction of the guiding rod and the contact area become larger, so the filter plate of the press is slower.

Second, the hydraulic cylinder oil circuit is not normal. Because the piston rod in the hydraulic pressure to stop the position is inaccurate, the piston rod thrust is insufficient, the piston rod movement speed is too low, the work instability and so on failure performance, causes the hydraulic pressure device to drive the load movement.

The above two points are a common cause of slow filter plate speed, and we should:

First, timely cleaning up the guide rod, and coated lubricants to ensure its lubrication. To note that the point is strictly prohibited on the guide rod to wipe dilute oil, because dilute oil easy to fall below the slippery, personnel in the operation of the overhaul is extremely prone to fall, resulting in personal injury accidents.

Second, the timely inspection of the oil circuit whether there is extrusion or blocking the place to ensure that the circuit is unblocked.

Through the above analysis we can see that the filter movement is likely to be slow because of the cleanliness of the parts is not in place, so said in the equipment maintenance process not only to meticulous cleaning parts corner, and ultimately should do a check, confirm that the correct after the rerun, lest cause greater failure. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of the filter press, not only to check the quality of the parts, but also pay attention to the cleaning of each part.

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