Ceramics plate frame filter press from China

- Aug 19, 2017-

Plate frame filter press is popular in porcelain industry, especially for the household porcelain. Household porcelain can be found erverywhere in our common life, such as: cup, sanitary porcelain, tableware etc.

filter press plate used 38.jpg

The ceramics are made of chinastone, kaonlin and the other clay, and they are fired by the high temperature to produce. The producing processes include making mud, molding, dry, washing and glazing etc. The making mud is the most basic, and the ceramic filter press is used here.

For the making mud, it includes broken, elutriation, filtration and dewatering etc. The clay is milled to the small solids, then they will be elutriated to remove the impurities, finally, it will be filtered to be dewatered by high pressure filter press. Because the solid is fine and has strict solid moisture, so we normal recommend the high pressure filter press, and the round filter press is first choice.

For the round filter press, because the filter plate’s special technology, so it can endures higher filtering pressure and has good performance. If want to buy high quality China filter presses, pls contact us for ceramic filter press. 


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