Advantages of Chamber Filter Plate

- Jun 01, 2017-

As we before discussed, filter plates has many types. As a professional filter plate manufacturer, here we are glad to share some knowledge on chamber filter plate. Chamber filter plate also is called recessed filter plate. On the basis of the frame and plate type filter plate, the chamber filter plate adopts new technology and is optimized. Chamber filter plate combines the frame and the plate together and two filter plates forms a filtering unit - filter chamber, so it has more simple structure and other features.

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Higher Feed Pressure
The chamber filter plate has several support points on it and a strength structure, so it can bear higher feeding pressure than frame and plate filter plate to get better filtering performance.

Higher Filtering Ffficiency
For plate frame filter press, while discharging, we must move plates and frames, but for chamber filter press, there is no frames, so it can save half time to improve the filtering efficiency.

Can realize automatic cake discharging
On the other side, the handles on the chamber plates are the same. So they can realize automatic cake discharging to reduce the labor strength. Especially for the big filter presses, their capacity is huge and automatic discharging is very necessary, thus chamber filter plates are most popular.

Smooth Feeding
The feeding hole is much bigger, so it’s not easily blocked and not easily breakdown, so has longer life-span.

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