How to purchase a suitable chamber filter press 1

- Mar 29, 2018-

Chamber filter press has a long history as filter press equipment and it’s evolved from the plate frame filter press. Because of lower cost, stable running and high efficiency, chamber filter press has a big market. How to purchase a chamber filter press from China?

When it comes to filter press, we always focus on the filter plate. For chamber filter press, the chamber plate quality is the key point. According to plate materials, chamber filter plate normally has two types: pp chamber filter plate and cast iron filter plate. Cast iron chamber filter press mainly used for the high temperature materials. The rest, pp chamber filter press is good choice. Our pp chamber filter plate are processed by planomiller so that ensure flatness and adopts pure material to get longer life-span. 

Normally for chamber filter press, it has two liquid discharging types: open flow and hidden flow. For open flow, it's much more popular, because of easy maintenance. While filter press working, if filter cloth broken, you just close the faucets on that plate will be ok, but will not influence the filtering process. However, for hidden flow, it must open the chamber filter press to find the problems. But under flow is good for special materials, such as toxic, volatile and so on. If you want to buy China chamber filter press, please contact us now.

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