How to purchase a suitable chamber filter press 2

- Apr 07, 2018-

As a responsible filter press manufacturer in china, we have responsibility to help you purchase a suitable pp chamber filter press. We has shared some basic knowledge on the chamber filter plate and liquid discharging types of the chamber filter presses in former article. Today we’re glad discuss further chamber filter presses. 

Regarding chamber filter press, as we know, according to close method, there are two types: manual chamber filter press and automatic chamber filter press. They have same application, but they have a little different. For manual chamber filter press, it’s suitable for small material capacity. If the filtering material is not too much, the best choice will be automatic filter press, which saves labor and can realize fully automation. 

To meet customer's demand, chamber filter press can install some higher efficienct subsidiary functions to improve expand it's functions. For example, drip tray, conveyor, plate shaking, storage hopper, light curtain and so on. Here drip try and belt conveyor are most popular. For drip tray, it not only picks up filtering fluid, but also collects cakes to drop onto belt conveyor. For belt conveyor, it can easily transports the cakes to save filter press space and convenient for cake disposal. If you buy China automatic chamber filter press, please contact us. 

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