Chamber Filter Press for Starch Dewatering

- Jan 19, 2018-

Starch is a kind of glucose polymerization. It’s mainly used for food industry and comes from plants, such as: potato, cassava, corn etc... Besides that, starch also can be used for industrial fields, for example, dextrin, maltose, glucose and so on. Chamber filter press is the main tool for starch dewatering. 

Starch Filter Press.jpg

While starch producing (wet process), the plant will be crushed and squeezed, so that the starch water comes out, but it needs chamber filter press to remove the impurities and dewater. Our chamber filter press adopts food grade filter press plates, and all materials contacts starch are high quality pp to ensure starch quality safety.   

Normally, the starch contains lots of water. How to get the best dewatering performance and save running cost are every customer’s concerns. Our chamber filter press has higher efficiency, good performance and energy saving. Comparing with other chamber filter press manufacturer, our chamber filter press can save at lest 15% cost in the long run. If you want to buy China chamber filter press, pls contact us.          

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