Chamber Filter Press for Chemical Fertilizer Industry

- Jul 21, 2018-

Nowadays, the chemical fertilizer industry is under tremendous market pressure. Because this industry, the investment is huge, so all want to be the biggest in the technology. For the fertilizer industry, one technology is very important. It's ammonia synthesis technology via coal gas. However, this brings problems of washing wastewater and decarburization solution. But the both need chamber filter press to deal with it.   

While using pp chamber filter press to dispose the wastewater. The basic flow is: neutralization, filtering and water recycle. This filter press type normally is automatic chamber filter press, so that get highly efficiency. After cake discharge, it can realize dry stack. And using automatic chamber filter press, the running cost is lower, and need smaller space and power. The most important, the performance of of the pp chamber filter press is perfect. 

For decarburization solution, normally also use chamber filter press machine. Because: 1.the hydraulic chamber filter press can effectively remove the impurities and degradation particles, so as to ensure the smooth production. 2. by using pp chamber filter press, it will no need to use defoamer or activated carbon, thus can reduce operation cost. 3. Use chamber type filter press equipment will not change the composition of the solution. 

To sum up, usage of chamber filter press in the chemical fertilizer industry, has the benefits of small investment, good performance, and also plays a good role for stable production. If you want to develop chemical fertilizer industry and want to know chamber filter press price, please contact us right now.

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