Chamber Filter press is applied for painting wastewater

- Jun 27, 2019-

In China, many industrial manufacturers will adopts painting, and adopt chamber filter press to dewater sludge. Painting wastewater is a kind of industrial wastewater produced in the process of spray painting in manufacturing industry. It contains a large number of suspended substances and organic pollutants difficult to biodegrade. During the spraying process, a large amount of sprays and organic solvents are produced to seriously contaminate the surrounding environment. Most enterprises use water as filtering medium to form paint wastewater.  

Paint wastewater treatment methods include the following steps. First. Fenton reagent (H2O2+FeSO4) is added to the collecting tank to oxidize and decompose organic matter in paint wastewater. Sencond, it enters the coagulation pool and adopts the push-flow reaction tank. Third, After the reaction in the push-flow reaction tank, it enters the air flotation tank for soil-liquid separation. Output water will be processed by the automatic backwash filter or MBR system. Finally, the sludges will be dehydrated by filter presses. 

Plate filter is a simple and cost saving way to dispose paint wastewater. 

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