Chamber filter press for power plant desulphurization wastewater

- Sep 15, 2018-

In China, electricity is mainly comes via coal power plant. While electricity producing, it will cause lots of waste water. If cannot be treated in time, it will damage the ecological environment. The main technology of desulfurization is uses limestone to form gypsum. 

While reaction, a large amount of smoke, impurities and suspended particles will be produced. They will cause the contaminated water. At the same time, the production of calcium sulfate and calcium sulfite will cause environmental pollution too. The desulfurization wastewater has complex composition. It is not only highly corrosive but also contains lots of heavy metal ions, which are quite toxic and harmful. 

To realize zero-emission, the treatment process mainly includes four technologies: 1. Neutralization technology. 2. Heavy metal separation technology. 3. Flocculation treatment technology. 4. Precipitation treatment technology. Generally, after the above treatment, the flocculated sludge is deposited at the bottom, and then will be dewatered by a chamber filter press. Wet desulphurization technology not only ensures zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater, but also can increase the power generation efficiency and economic benefits to a coal power plant.

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