Chamber filter press for Sand Washing Plant

- Sep 29, 2019-

Recent year, sand washery accounts for huge filter press market in China. But before that, it need per-treatment. In sand washing plant, the polyaluminium chloride (PAC) is the key disposal, because it’s mainly used for the slurry sedimentation, so as to promote solid liquid separation. After treatment, then the thicken sludge are pumped into a chamber filter press to recycle water. 

 Chamber filter press for sand washing

For fine sand waste water, it is characterized by high turbidity and fine particle size of solids. Because of the interfacial interaction among solid particles  (such as adsorption, dissolution, chemical combination, etc.), the properties  are quite complex. It not only has the properties of suspension, but has the character of colloid. And this directly relates to the clay content.  

This flocculant can make the sand water precipitate quickly in the concentrator. Thus can highly improve the run efficiently and capacity. According to our experience, one filterpress batch can be finished 15-30min. If you want know the price pls contact us now.

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