Sludge dewatering membrane filter press

- Jan 23, 2018-

In wastewater treatment, belt filter press, chamber filter press and membrane filter press are most popular. Comparing with belt filter press and chamber filter press, membrane filter press has best filtering result and is less affected by solid property. So, membrane filter press is not only used for wastewater disposal, but also for many other industries, for example, chemicals, mining, ceramics, pharmacy and so on. 

China Membrane Filter Press.jpg

Today, the technology of membrane filter press is most advanced, because the max squeezing pressure max can reach 3 MPa or even much higher. Hoever, the higher squeezing pressure, the higher membrane filter press price. Of course, the dewatering effect will better. In fact, normally 1.5 MPa can meet most sludge’s demand. For the super high squeezing pressure is mainly designed for some special industry.

As we know, membrane filter press adopts “Secondary Squeezing” technology. It does not only highly decrease the final cake moisture, but also can short the filtering cycle time. Comparing with chamber filter press, the cake solid content of membrane filter press can improve about 5-10%. Regarding the squeezing medium, the popular are compressed air and high pressure water. Compressed air is basically used for the small membrane filter press or the material that easy to be treated. For the complicated and viscous slurry, the membrane filter press will consider high pressure water. Pls contact us to buy China membrane filter press or chamber filter press. 

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