Chamber membrane filter press for paper making sludge dewatering

- Jul 30, 2018-

The waste sludge from paper making basically include two parts. One is waste paper pulp, another is the biological sludge. In them have lots of harmful and nutritional elements, so must be removed before sludge dewatering. For this wastewater treatment, chamber filter press can not works well, not only because it contains lots of fibers, but also the solids are viscous. So chamber membrane filter press is the only right choice. 

Internationally, the paper making waste are processed by Incineration, composting and landfill. In China, most popular method is landfill, which will cause lots of land wastes and secondary pollution. This is mainly caused by poor sludge dewatering technologies. Now SINO chamber membrane filter press can perfectly meet the market. After sludge dewatering by membrane filter press, the final cake can be be used as soil improvement agent or changed to ompound fertilizer. It not only can realize water recycle, the solids also can be perfectly solved. 

Our chamber membrane filter press has following benefits: 1.high efficiency and is controlled by PLC. 2.Power consumption is lower. 3. Short squeezing cycle. The shortest can be finished within 10-15 min. 4.Cake moisture can be easy for dry stack and filtrate is clean. 5.Stable performance ensure long life-span. Pls contact us, so that get the best chamber membrane filter press price. 

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