Chamber membrane filter press for tungsten concentrate dewatering

- Nov 26, 2018-

Normally for tungsten mine, it contains lots of other useful associated elements, say, molybdenum, bismuth etc... And the gangue mainly is garnet. Because of the fine particles, so it make the grinding need higher precision. At the same time, it will become viscous, thus cause difficult to filter. For WO3, it's same as other metal mines using “Precipitation Dehydration”to realize solid liquid separation. However, the traditional technology has lower performance and higher power consumption. For the modern production, chamber membrane filter press places a much more important role.

Comparing with other dewatering machine, plate filter press has much higher efficiency and perfect cake moisture. For tungsten concentrate, the density is about 5. Under the concentration of 68.61%, the viscosity is 5.5mPa·s. The solid size -21+20 is 78.09%. It has better settleability, and after free settling, it can remove around 70% free water. 

By using membrane plate filter press, the whole working possesses are: pressure feeding, membrane squeezing and air cake blow. According to our experience, for such fine concentrate, the membrane squeezing has lower expected performance, because the small solid gaps. However, the air blowing has better effect. Finally, after dewatering, the cake moisture can be about 4-6%. Additionally, the solid concentration has lower effect, that means even the lower concentrate slurry, also can get a good filtering result. Pls contact us for more specifications and price.     

China membrane filter press

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