Chamber membrane filter press for coal cleaning plant

- Jun 13, 2020-

In recent years, due to the impact of environmental protection, the development of coal washing plants has certain difficulties. In order to meet the requirements of the policies, many coal washing companies have upgraded and transformed their equipment. This not only deepens the industrial structure, but also brings better economic benefits in the long run. Among those devices, the plate frame filter press is the most important. In the past, chamber filter press were commonly used for coal dewatering, but now they were replaced by chamber membrane filter presses. This further reduces the water content. And greatly makes the market of cleaned coal and coal mud wider.

After the transformation, the processing capacity was highly improved. The secondary squeezing of the membrane filter plate greatly shortens the cycle. Especially with compressed air, the efficiency will be more obvious. According to our experience, the entire working cycle, even for the large filter press machine, it can be completed in 25 minutes. Furthermore, the moisture is further reduced. The overall moisture in the cake is lower than 24%, which is the industrial requirements. In addition, the quality requirements of raw coal is further relaxed. Now after dewatering, the final cleaned coal is deeply welcomed by coking plants.

SINO chamber diaphragm filter press adopts integrated design on mechanical structure, electrical cabinet and hydraulic system. The main structure uses high-quality carbon steel Q345 to ensure strength. In addition, the hydraulic system is enlarged to ensure closing force and tightness. Our membrane filter plates adopt PPH and imported TPE, so that not only light in weight, but also has a long service life. For higher demand, our control system will adopts Germany Siemens PLC, and the electrical appliances will use Schneider, which is an international renowned brand, to ensure stable operation. If need dewatering machine for coal washery, pls contact us immediately. 

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