Chamber Membrane Filter Press for Gold Concentrate

- Jun 12, 2018-

With the progress of science and technology, the membrane filter press has not only been greatly improved in its working performance, but also greatly expanded in the application. The traditional automatic chamber filter press is often used in mining tailings, wastewater treatment and other industries. However, for some complicated slurry, the membrane filter press is becoming popular, because of its better filtration effect and stable automation. Beside, membrane filter press machine also is popular in mining concentrate, such as: gold concentrate. 

Chamber Membrane Filter Press.jpg

We know, residual water content is one of the main indexes to measure the quality of the concentrate. The concentrate with high water content not only brings difficulties to the transportation and storage, but also greatly affects the smelting cost. That's why chamber membrane filter press is a much better choice and became the important step for concentrate dewatering. Comparing with chamber filter press, it's cake moisture can reduce 5-8%. For membrane filter press, if add our air blow function, the filtering performance will be perfect. For mining concentrate, we normally recommend good quality filter clothes with features of better solid capture and easier cake discharging.

While processing of gold concentrate via filter press machine, the filtering pressure provided by feed pump is not enough, however, the chamber membrane filter press has secondary high pressure cake squeezing function, which is more point to get dryer filter cakes. Our membrane filter plate adopt pure PP and PET, so that can endure high feeding pressure and squeezing pressure and works stable. If you want to dispose mining concentrate by recessed membrane filter press, please contact us right now.

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