Chamber Membrane Filter Press for Palm Oil

- Jun 29, 2018-

Chamber membrane filter press is good tool for decreasing palm oil. Palm oil fractionation usually include: dry fractionation, surfactant fractionation and solvent fractionation. Dry fractionation is the simplest and cheapest technology. In the past 20 years, the dry fractionation has been developed continuously. Especially the application of chamber membrane filter press, the palm oil can be separated at high yield.

How to decrease palm oil using a membrane filter press machine? Palm oil is semisolid at room temperature. So before filtration, it is necessary to melt it by heating steam at 70~72℃. Then, after cooling and crystallizing, palm oil is pumped into the chamber membrane filter press from crystallizing tank. The filter chamber is filled with palm oil, and the palm oil outflow through the filter cloth, and the palm stearin is trapped by the filter cloth. With the stearin increasing, the filtrate volume is decreasing. When the filter chamber is filled with filter cake, stop feeding pump. Then hydraulic membrane filter press are swelled by pumping into high pressure compressed air or water to secondarily squeeze filter cakes. Finally, open the hydraulic membrane filter press machine, palm stearin falls out.

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