Chamber membrane filter press used for titanium dioxide manufacturing

- Nov 19, 2020-

Titanium dioxide is a popular white chemical pigment. It is widely used in coating, paper making, printing and other industries. The production process of titanium white has two methods generally: sulphate process and chloride process. Among them, the chloride process accounts for more than half. And the market is dominated by some major manufacturers, such as, DuPont in the United States. In China, the industrial production is mainly based on the sulfuric acid method. It's mainly because requirements are simple. On one hand, it has no higher requirement on ore grade of the ilmenite; on the other hand, it has a lower cost advantage. This method belongs to a wet process, so filtration equipment is ultimately used for dehydration. After more than 80 years of development, the process has matured, and the chamber membrane filter press now becomes the necessities.

Under acidolysis, the ferrotitanium powder forms a titanium solution. Then the liquid is hydrolyzed to form crystallographic titanium dioxide. After that, it will be dewatered by a filter press and finally dried. In this process, pp filter press has the following benefits. First, it improves the efficiency of solid-liquid separation. This includes two meanings. One is to increase the solid content of filter cakes. The other is it can shorten the filtration cycle. Second, the washing efficiency is improved. The plate filter has a function of cake washing and can effectively reduce the washing cost. Finally, the subsequent drying cost can be greatly saved. If you want to know more about the application of plate and frame filter press in the titanium dioxide industry, please contact SINO Filtration.

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