Chamber Plate frame Filter Press for Bauxite

- Oct 11, 2017-

Plate frame filter press is widely used for aluminium oxide industry. Oxide is the main aluminum mineral in the nature. Through the treatment, it can get the aluminum oxide for other industrial production. And the Bayer process is the mainly treating method.

First, break the bauxite. Then it will be soaked by the high temperature sodium hydroxide to get the sodium aluminate liquid. Remove the residue, and cool, then add the aluminium hydroxide crystal. After stir for long time, it will produce the aluminium hydroxide solid. Remove the solid and wash it, then it will get the alpha-alumina oxide powder by the high-temperature calcination.

While the treatment, there are two steps need the filter press: step 1:Remove the bauxite residue to get the clean liquid. Step 2: Use the filter press to separate the aluminium hydroxide solid. Generally, we recommend the automatic chamber filter press. It has good filtering effect and the high efficient, so it can meet the filtering requirement. SINO FILTRATION as the professional China filter press manufacturer, we have high quality filter press. If you are interested in the filter press, pls contact us.

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