Chemical Filter Press For Fertilizer Industry

- Jul 27, 2017-

Filter presses are widely used for chemicals, especially for the fertilizers. The chemical fertilizer is nutrient elements for the crops growth, and it’s made by the chemical method and the physical method. It includes nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphatic fertilizer and the compound fertilizer etc.

S.S.304 Coating.jpg

For fertilizer production, one one hand, the chemical materials will need our chemical filter press to dewatering. On the other hand, the process will produce some wastewater, and the wastewater has big pollution, so it need the filter press to treat.

For the treatment of the such wastewater, after pre-treatment, then it goes into the anaerobic pool and the aerobic pool to improve the stability of the sludge and increase the degradation rate of the organic. On this step, we use the wastewater filter press to dewater the sludge. That can remove the some suspended solids, and the liquid filtered will go to the next step until reach the standard discharged.

SINO FILTRATION produce high quality plate filter press, and it has big capacity and good performance. For the chemical fertilizer industry, we can give you the best dewater equipment.

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