Chemical Filter Press for White Carbon Black

- Aug 03, 2017-

Chemical filter press is special used for chemical industry industry, especially has huge demand on white carbon black. It is white powder, and the content mainly are precipitated silicon dioxide, fumed silica dioxide and ultra-fine silicon dioxide gel. It’s a additive, which has good performance and is good for environment protection. And it’s widely used to rubber industry, textile industry, paper-making, pesticides and foodstuff additives etc.

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The traditional making method uses the sodium silicate, silicon tetrachloride and ethyl orthosilicate as the silicate source to make. But it has high cost, so there is the new making method, that uses the cheap non-metal mine as the silicate source. The both methods also need following processes: neutralize, precipitate, filtration, washing and drying. For filtration, the filter press is the best filtering equipment.

To making white carbon black, the raw material mainly includes: aedelforsite, opal, olivine, ophiolite, kaolin and the coal ash etc.Because the white carbon black is the very fine, so, generally, we recommend the membrane filter press. The membrane filter press can be squeezed secondly to get the lowest filter cakes moisture and also decrease the subsequent running cost.

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